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BJR Summerford Charolais is a North Alabama family operation located in Falkville, Alabama. In 1997, after being in the beef cattle seedstock business for 30 years we introduced the Charolais breed into our seedstock program. We have found that the Charolais, because of their great combination of health, growth and carcass traits are exactly what we were looking for.

We have and continue to search diligently for genetics that give us moderate birth weights, high growth, quality carcasses, and plenty of milk. Utilizing stringent selection criteria and EPD’s we have put together a unique herd of Charolais that excel in performance and milking ability while maintaining a moderate size cow with below average birth weights. I am currently breeding 250+ registered Charolais cows annually.

Spring 2010 averages for Non-Parent Charolais Bulls:

BW     WW     YW     Milk     TM     SC     Marb.
0.6     24.3   42.4     6.6    18.8    .58     0.01

The average EPD’s for BJR Summerford Charolais 2009 Fall born bull calves are:
BW     WW     YW     Milk     TM     SC     Marb.
-0.05  32.6   57.7    12.2    28.5   .91     0.14

BJR Summerford Charolais offers a complete genetic package for profit minded cattlemen. The 2009 calf crop is well below average on birth weight and well above average on performance and marbling. Moderate birth weights, high performance, milk and carcass quality are very important economic traits, because we, like you, sell commercial calves by weight, they have to meet the performance and marbling demands of the packer and consumer.

Before a cow can wean a calf, she naturally has to be bred and have a live calf. Fertility is the most important economic trait in beef production. At BJR Summerford Charolais our seedstock females must breed in a 60-day breeding season or she just simply doesn’t stay here. If a cow doesn’t breed in a 60-day season she is culled. The way I look at it, each cow is renting pasture from me and earns the right to graze that pasture. She can pay her rent each year by delivering a calf on time, or I’ll put wheels under her, and she can be the rent. I’m very proud of the percentage of cows safe in calf at palpation, with cows palpated bred each year ranging from 92% to 100%.

By using two calving seasons (fall and spring) I can offer superior breeding age bulls for sale throughout the year. We always have a top group of bulls for you to make your selection from.

It’s easy to Talk the Talk, about a breeding program, but by utilizing our own genetics in our commercial cowherd, we’re also Walking the Walk.

I would be honored to have you stop by or call at anytime to discuss our program, show you our cattle and discuss how our genetics may best fit your breeding and marketing program. We can meet your needs; whether you’re looking for herd bulls, bulls in volume, top quality replacement females or semen.

Robert A. Summerford II
4087 Hwy 31 SW
Falkville, AL 35622
256-784-5275 Days
256-784-5888 Nights

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