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Our Beef Cattle operation is located in Falkville, Alabama.  Falkville is 12 miles south of Decatur and 12 miles north of Cullman.  Our Beef Cattle Operation consists of Registered Charolais and Registered Angus, that are used as breeding stock throughout the United States.  In addition to breeding stock, we’ve been selling “top quality beef” for over 60 years.

Each year we choose “select steers” from our Beef Cattle Operation to supply top quality beef for our beef production,
and custom beef markets.  We service all of North Alabama, South Tennessee and surrounding areas.

Our goal is to raise a wholesome, safe food supply and humanely raise our cattle as we produce remarkable top quality beef for our customers. 

Charolais beef is naturally lean, but still maintains good marbling that is necessary for tenderness and taste.  Marbling is very important in top quality beef.  We own and use several bulls that are in the top 10% of the Charolais breed for marbling.

We also raise Registered Angus.  Angus beef is not as lean as Charolais, but normally has more marbling and is also considered very tender.

We don't feed any growth hormones or antibiotics to our steers.   

The diet of our steers is primarily grass along with high quality hay that we raise on our farm.  To have well marbled, tender, and tasty beef, a well managed high quality feed regimen is required.  To finish the steers and get them ready for high quality beef, we use locally grown corn and soy bean products in our feed.

From birth, our steers are raised on their mother’s milk, grass, and a high quality creep feed that is purchased from our local Morgan Farmer’s Co-op store.  Co-op Beef Feeds and Supplements are specifically formulated to work in harmony
with Southeastern forages to allow us to maximize the potential of our cattle operation. Co-op products are backed by the latest in technology and nutritional research to keep our animals healthy and productive at any stage of life. High quality co-op minerals are also fed free choice to insure proper health and development of the calf.

After weaning the calves are kept on our grass, our hay, and grain that are raised by local farmers.

We offer either a “whole” or “half” beef. 

Our beef is $2.50 per pound of “live weight”, (which includes the processing fee of $.65 per pound).  The actual weight will vary on each steer, but the average live weight will be around 1,500 pounds.  The total for a 1,500 pound whole beef would be $3,750.00 or $1,875.00 for a half. 

We require a non-refundable deposit fee when you place your order.  The deposit fee will be $375.00 for a whole, or $187.50 for a half.

Once the order is placed, the live animal will be delivered to the processor.  We use H&P Meats in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.  H&P Meats are a USDA i nspected facility.  You may choose to use another processor, but we
recommend using a processor that is state and/or USDA inspected.

You will be given a “Custom Beef Processing Form” to fill out as to how you want your beef cut up, and in what size packages.  We will be glad to help you fill out this form to meet your individual family needs.  As soon as the hanging weight is determined, you will be notified for the final payment, which is due within 10 days of notice.  Processing, aging, and packaging take approximately 21 days. 

The beef is vacuum packed and frozen before it’s ready to be picked up.  Frozen vacuum packed meat can last up to 3 years in your freezer.  When the beef is ready you will be notified to schedule pickup at the processor.

References for our beef are available at your request.

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